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For environment, architecture itself is a kind of huge pollution, no matter construction process or under using after construction. How to make buildings purify self-pollution becomes the main issue that we aim to solve. 

Wind Pavilion

High density of buildings cause air pressure which is huge and easy to be got. If we can use this power with a more efficient way, we may release the pressure and destroy to the environment. Besides, the urban square provides intelligent natural resources cycle system and combines the design of water, light, wind and temperature, allows people having a comfortable public space.


Office have a great environmental impact due to wasting natural resources, which blocks the ambient light and uses a large number of artificial illuminations. Besides, under high thermal conduction in summer, running air conditioners cause excessive waste of energy.




Battlefield deaths highlight danger to bomb technicians in Islamic State fight. Across Iraq and Afghanistan, bomb technicians were watching the evolution of improvised explosive warfare in real time.


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor Center focus on the observation of migratory bird and the water recovery system. Considering precipitation and rainy season in Kemeri National Park, we design this building a Green Building with water recycling reuse system. And the roof-garden connects the landscape in view, to be a viewing platform where visiors can have a rest and take photos.

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